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About Us

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Small business entrepreneurs inherently recognise the power of a collective platform to reach a larger pool of online customers. However, the price they need to pay on such platforms is often more than just monetary. It includes submergence of their individual brands in the competitive clutter and losing ownership in any form to the buyers of their products…making their business eternally subservient to the platform.

Shopmatic World re-imagines this concept entirely to offer small business entrepreneurs an empowered way to expand online sales. Available exclusively to Shopmatic merchants, it is a powerful marketing conduit between their online store and a global pool of online buyers.

Shopmatic World helps merchants get discovered for the uniqueness of their stories and their offerings. On this platform entrepreneurs can share their original business stories, showcase their unique products and eventually lead more customers to their own Shopmatic stores to sell directly. At Shopmatic World, we bring alive the promise of helping merchants sell! Add your store to Shopmatic World to discover the benefit of this perfect business to buyer fit.